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Practice Areas

Pravco LLC provides a range of advising services for global aerospace companies/organizations/governments.   
 Emerging Market Access


Pravco LLC is a advisory firm dedicated in proving stakeholders value with:


-Strategic planning to assist the owners and executives for global expansion. with collaboration insights


-Expertise in accessing new business opportunities with aerospace customers and partners in emerging markets


-Over 25 years of international business experience and knowledge for understanding new program opportunities.

       Global Aerospace Business    
    Intelligence and Market Access

Pravco LLC specializes in providing companies business intelligence and market access strategies.


We have over 25 years of experience in the aircraft industry and been involved with aircraft launches in United States, Russia, China and Europe.


Whether you are looking to expand to the North America or develop your global customer portfolio in the emerging aerospace hubs (India, China and  Russia), we have the expertise to supply the insight and business intelligence so you can make the right market selection.

     COMAC/UAC CR929 Program

Pravco LLC is currently developing strategy mapping for companies that are interested in accessing the COMAC/United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) CR929 commercial wide body aircraft program.


The CR929 program is currently in supplier selection process which is scheduled to concluded at the end of 2019.


The program’s design center is located at United Aircraft Corporation in Moscow, Russia. The CR929 final assembly will be located in Shanghai and major fuselage sections in Comac facilities. 



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