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                  Dr. David J. Pritchard

Dr. Pritchard is President of Pravco, LLC which is located in Buffalo, New York USA and earned his PhD. dissertation from the State University of New York University at Buffalo titled “Global Decentralization of Commercial Aircraft Production: Implications to the U.S. Based Manufacturing Activity”.

Dr. Pritchard has over 25 years of aerospace experience in the areas of market access for new aircraft programs and assembly automation. He has been involved with seven aircraft launches, managed international offsets programs, completed foreign financing transactions and has expertise in aerospace marketing and product introduction into the regions of Europe, Russia, China and Asia.

Dr. Pritchard’s research in the commercial aircraft industry focuses on the global supply network, and has been published in leading academic journals (extensively cited in The Economist, Financial Times, Newsweek, and Business Week). He also has articles in aviation trade journals such as Flight Global and Aviation Week, and has spoken at numerous aerospace industry conferences in China, Russia and United States



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