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cr929composite panel

cr929composite panel



images compostes

images compostes



Airplane Wing

Airplane Wing

cr929 aircraft

cr929 aircraft

Current Research


Dr. Pritchard's current research is titled “Aerospace 4.0: Implications to the New Manufacturing Ecosystem” that focuses on the next generation single aisle aircraft (late 2020s) could be adopting advanced manufacturing robotic applications (Cobots, Mobots), automated fiber placement, additive manufacturing and thermoplastic composites airframe structures.


The aircraft’s clean sheet designs will integrate advancing robotic technologies with transforming the assembly process by eliminating traditional monument style production equipment/tooling. The next single aisle aircraft design will be standardizing the practices of additive manufacturing components (3D printing) which obsoletes many traditional machining technologies.


Aviation Advisory


Pravco LLC specializes in providing companies business intelligence and market access strategies for developing their global presence in the aviation industry.


We have over 25 years of experience in the aircraft industry and been involved with aircraft launches in North and South America, China and Europe.


Whether you are looking to expand to the North America  or develop your global customer portfolio in the emerging aerospace hubs (India, China), we have the expertise to supply the insight and business intelligence so you can make the right market selection


Current Events
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Recent Conference Presentations

China Aircraft Industry Int’l Forum         Shanghai, China

Wings of the Future                                  Moscow, Russia

Air Finance Mobile                                  Mobile, Alabama

Aircraft Builders Council                         South Miami Beach, Florida

SC Aerospace Conference & Expo          Columbia, South Carolina

AeroDef Manufacturing Conference        Hyderabad, India

Aerospace and Defense Mfg. and R&D    Las Vegas, Nevada

2019 Pure Michigan Aerospace Summit   Detroit. Michigan

Aircraft Builders Council                          Montreal, Quebec Canada

Canadian Mfg. Technology Show             Toronto, Ontario Canada

American Mfg. Strategies Summit            Houston, Texas

South Carolina Mfg. Conference              Charleston, South Carolina

Vietnam International Aviation Expo        Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Contact Us

Dr. David Pritchard

Pravco, LLC
210 Sagewood Terrace
Williamsville, NY 14221


Phone ​716-525-7140 (USA)



Areas of Practice

Emerging Market Access Strategy

Research on Market Competition

Aviation Industry Intelligence Reports

​Expertise in China Commercial Aircraft Industry

Insight on Trends in Aircraft Assembly Automation







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